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M Julian

Trucking, Tri-Axle Rentals, Hauling, Material Delivery and Snow Removal.

     Our premier trucking division, M Julian, delivers materials to our customer base throughout New England.  MJulian is a full service provider of dump truck and trailer services. M.Julian is an asset based operation, which means we own our trucks in the quantity to meet our customer’s needs. Experience separates M Julian from the competition coupled with the knowledge to safely deliver your load from point A to point B.

Hauling & Material Delivery


     Truck fleets and drivers work safely to provide timely service, competitive rates and a willingness to work with our customers. For specialized deliveries or a specific job, Julian Enterprises will get it done no matter how small or large.

      Our team of experienced and trained staff work safely and efficiently to meet your job requirements.

Snow Removal


     We have been pioneers in the commercial snow removal industry for developing safe, reliable and innovative snow removal methods.  The clearing of snow is typically performed by a combination of equipment, from large loaders with pusher boxes to pickup trucks with smaller snow plows, depending on the size of the property. Our seasoned operators and drivers are careful to place snow where it belongs, according to the pre-designed plow map, not on islands, fire hydrants, or landscaping.


Trucking & Tri-Axle Rentals


    Julian Enterprises is the leading provider to commercial, government, and residential clients. Our state of the art trucks and modern heavy equipment give us the competitive edge to be your first contact for all of your trucking, hauling, or material delivery needs.


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