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Julian History

    Julian Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-faceted property management company that offers services for sales, leasing, project budget projections, physical maintenance and management of office, mixed use, retail, residential and industrial properties. The 24-hour facility management team of Julian Enterprises has been trained in the most modern property management techniques that allow us to enhance the values of the properties that we manage. Julian Enterprises offers a real estate team which specializes in analyzing markets, locating properties, and assessing the highest and best uses for each individual property and their current improvements. Even the most complex projects can be taken from initial evaluation to implementation.

     In 1995, with the fourth generation of our family joining the Construction Business, Julian Enterprises was incorporated. Over 100 years of service in our industry and a record of never defaulting or failing to complete a project, we remain equipped and staffed to handle all projects in our field.
     By utilizing the latest technology, projects are finished on time, within budget, and delivered with first class quality in the same character and traditions that contributed so much to the success of our family owned businesses for over a century. Our experience in managing complex projects, client service and long term relationships is one reason for repetitive business. 
     As of today, the Julian Companies continue to be a privately held business that strives to achieve success in our industry, and provide our customers with a level of quality service that is synonymous with the Julian name.
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